Dave Birchmore started his career in the refrigeration trade in 1966 when he was offered an apprenticeship after leaving school.

Working on refrigeration, Dave has developed a vast awareness and knowledge around the topic.  Working in specialist refrigeration, including low temperature Cascade systems, has enabled him to work throughout the UK, including project work in the North Sea.

Dave then branched out into air-conditioning in the 1980's.  As a leading technical presence in the field, his vast knowledge has resulted in him travelling around the world to destinations such as Japan, Russia, the Ascension Islands and all across mainland Europe.

More recently, Dave has played a crucial part in developing the F-gas qualification, educating both Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration engineers since 1991.  He has worked closely with some of the leading names in his field including NRS and Climate Centre and has taught and qualified Engineers from SMEs, banking and large blue chip organisations.

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